Our Mission

We are committed to bring the power of 3D printing to different industries in a positive way. We will keep innovating high quality and environmental friendly, no harm to human materials for 3D printing. We are always on the lookout for a better future.

Our Story

Biotron Research Inc. is devoted to research and development in biocompatible printing materials used in dental 3D printing. We are a passionate team of professionals in dental care, chemical engineering, and biology.  Biotron has deployed 3D printing in fulfilling the dentistry and other medical needs for many years. We have also teamed up with mechanical professions to innovate 3D printing for dental technology and medical care industries.

Industrial 3D printers, once almost exclusively used for prototyping, are now being rolled out on production line on some factory's floors. The quality of the printed items was mostly evaluated on the appearance of the printing like smooth surface finishes, details, instead of the material itself. The risks and potential negative consequences of 3D printing to the environment and human health have been neglected.

To reduce the harm of 3D printing to human health, we have created the brand Bond. Besides biocompatible resins, Bond offers eco-friendly resins by adopting Biotron's specialized formula, which contains hazardous free chemicals.  Bond resins are compatible to most DLP and SLA printers in the markets for hobbyists and developers. Makers can now turn their ideas into environmentally friendly and no harm to human products at a more affordable price.